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Fox finished.. #crochet #crochetfox #amigurumi

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Oops…..I just can’t believe how long it has been since l have written anything on my blog. My new years resolution of becoming more organised with blog writing never did materialise but at least l have kept up (well sort of) with some sporadic posting on Instagram.
Although l haven’t been very reliable on social media (that is putting it mildly!).  I have been enjoying myself in a slightly varied mix of creativity.  In other words trying my hand at crochet blankets, amigurumi, using my sewing machine (finally), shrink plastic, knitting  (fail) and in between visiting one or two nice places close to home and further afield.
To bring things up to date a little.  I thought l would write briefly about some of my woolly/non woolly adventures so far (just in case you haven’t seen my posts on Instagram, though at the present l normally only write about trips on my blog , so you won’t have missed anything there.

fox only (2)
Back in April, (crumbs that is some time ago).  l posted about my latest crochet toy, a beautiful orange fox.  To make it l used a 2.5 mm crochet hook and Schachenmayr Catania fine 4 ply/fingering cotton in orange, and white.  Since then l have also given the fox some painted eyelashes a dress and shoes.

During the same month l also made a very pretty virus shawl using a 4mm hook and some Stylecraft Cabaret rainbow yarn.

Lovely large Virus Shawl, finally shared 😊 #crochet #crochetshawl #virusshawl #stylecraftcaberet #shawl

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I have visited Hobbycraft several times this year, (that’s a must!)  I love this shop and my local craft store (which l use more for other craft supplies other than yarn).  The prospect of spending an hour looking at yarns, crochet books, beads  and material for my next sewing project is not an unpleasant thought.  The chance to buy some new yarn and not just look is an even better prospect!!

Of course this yarn can be bought from other well known online retailers but l am a sucker for a yarn shop like this, put it this way its quite rare for me to come out empty handed. So when l travelled to my local store, I was truly amazed that they had improved their selection of yarns compared to when l had my last visit.  Their choice of yarns is not exhaustive but it had improved dramatically.

There on display were several delicious rolls of Caron cakes almost good enough to eat (pun intended)!  l just couldn’t resist their new selection of yarn…(yum) .  I had seen so many folks across the pond using these colourful, tasty cakes and finally they were here in the UK.  So new and exciting to all, that when queuing up to pay at the till some random, fellow yarn lovers stopped and admired these new rolls of then, unusual yarn, sparking up some much needed yarn conversation…

So l finally made it back to base with the really scrumptious Caron Cakes yarn in blueberry cheesecake, using a 5.0 mm hook and began a star blanket which has been in use for some time now.

Caron Cakes Star Blanket ⭐ #crochet #crochetcakes #caroncakes #blanket #crochetblanket

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In June l followed along in the same vein and couldn’t resist making my favourite animal, a rabbit from the same book as my fox; ‘cute crocheted animals’ by E Varnham. This time l made her a dress, shoes & headband and with the help of some great software l superimposed the picture of the rabbit onto a bridge in Derbyshire, such fun

More recently l bought a zip from my local friendly craft store, some fusible fleece by marilynspatchworkfabrics and some fat quarters from Hobbycraft. Then after watching a very helpful video tutorial on YouTube by ‘confessions of a homeschooler’ & her squishy project bag….l completed this cute little project bag.

First Attempt At Project Bag Making… #projectbag #sewing

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Please feel free to like and/or comment in the box below, l will always try to answer your comments…





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